Paperwork OverloadMyCareTracker's concept stemmed from the experiences of a long term social care recipient who remembered the complexity and initial difficulties he had managing his care. After leaving university Rob was given funding to employ his own carers on a Direct Payment by his local council. Whilst enabling an independent lifestyle, the amount of paperwork and organisational headache coordinating multiple diaries into a working rota (giving his carers the hours they needed on the days they wanted when he needed them to work for him) became quickly overwhelming. Being dependent on technology to work and speaking with colleagues, friends and family about his experiences, an idea slowly started to form that technology could play an important part in assisting those in a similar position.

Over the last seven years, Rob has helped to customise and perfect digital timesheets, rota plans, salary calculators, contract templates and numerous other documents with his local Centre for Integrated Living. In 2012 MyCareTracker Limited was established as a new business venture with Carl (his Stepfather), bringing a fresh view and set of ideas to the project from a successful career in software development. The fusion of these ideas is what you now see and will develop as the MyCareTracker system.

It's not forcing users to use standard modules that “don't quite work” for them. It will be developed based on first hand experiences creating options to adapt to a wide range of needs. In time, the MyCareTracker system will become a one stop resource for the employment of carers by individuals wanting to live independently and manage their own care – from planning and information storing through to payroll and auditing, coordinating carers and giving users more free time to live life with a bit less hassle.